Monday, June 30, 2008

Oh Canada! How Could You?

Our Human Relation Commissions are better than their Human Relation Commissions. But not by much.

Thank God (and, of course, the founders) for our First Amendment.


Anonymous r said...

"Re-education" programmes are frequently assigned, for which the victim must also pay.

The system is, in principle, indistinguishable from that in place during the Cultural Revolution in Maoist China.

It was perpetrated by leftwing activists on the Canadian people while they were sleeping. It is a system of the activists, by the activists, and for the activists.

Given its very eccentric inquisitorial practices... the CHRC has also hand-picked its own "independent" investigator to do what we can only assume will be a defensive whitewash, as usual at taxpayer expense.

The CHRC can retrench, and return to its bread-and-butter business of destroying little people who command no publicity -- biding their time until circumstances are propitious to "extend their mandate" again.

The very notion that "your freedom ends when I begin to feel offended" must be shown for what it is: totalitarian flotsam in the foetid swamp of "politically correct thought."

Free speech hating Libs would love to institute such bullying coersion here.

June 30, 2008 at 10:31 AM 

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