Monday, July 14, 2008

Mangled Mutt Misnamed

What's this about Andre the "two-legged" dog? Just look at the photo. He has four legs. But only two paws.

Just because "Andre, the two-pawed dog" doesn't alliterate as well, doesn't mean we should be inaccurate.

Call him Tu-Paw and change his last name to Sha-Cur.


Anonymous r said...

Well, let’s see… There’s this:

Muller got Bo Diddley out of the trap. She then took the trap, left the trapper a nasty note and reported the incident to the Alaska Board of Fish and Game.

Ok so far. Now the meat:

She also organized a letter-writing campaign.

"If it was up to me trapping would not be allowed
," she said.

Then there’s this:

The association doesn't want to see a statewide regulation restricting where traps and snares can be set, because that would only encourage the anti-trapping forces to push for more, Zarnke said.

I knew I smelled restrictive emotional Lib activism here somewhere. And sure enough… This is why they saved the doggie and put his picture in the paper. He’s the new poster puppy for the anti-trapping zealots.

But let us not forget this Lib-busting deal breaker:

"Dogs that are not under the control of a human, that is a violation right there. It is easy to criticize the trapper but the dog owner is at least partially at fault."

July 15, 2008 at 12:00 AM 

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