Friday, November 28, 2008

Barbarians at the Gates

Obama's prospective choices for his war cabinet are a disappointment to the anti-war left.


Money Q:

"If reports are correct, on Monday the President-elect will ask Robert Gates to stay on as Secretary of Defense and name retired Marine General James Jones as National Security Adviser. These are the Administration posts most critical to the successful conduct of wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and to possible entanglements with Iran, North Korea and who knows who else. With these personnel picks, Mr. Obama reveals a bias for competence, experience and continuity. Hence the caterwauls from his left flank."

We guess Joe Sestak is too valuable in Congress for Obama to make part of his team. That, and he - like Obama - got it wrong on the surge.

As the edit points out, by keeping Gates, if things go wrong, Obama won't get as much flak from Republicans. Smart.


Anonymous r said...

It's been fun watching the Angry Radical Lefties lose their shrill tops over Obama's appointments.

But why does the Lying Liberal Media keep getting away with calling Gates a Repub when he is not? They do this in a lying effort to advance the myth that Saint Obama is staffing his cabinet with a bipartisan coalition, when this is not true. Even vicious, power-abusing partisan Harry Reid himself stated that Gates is not a Repub, basing his partisan support on this fact.

December 1, 2008 at 11:43 AM 

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