Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Bad Shot Gets 10 to 22 Years

Jamil Whitaker was aiming for Shaheem Pharr when he opened fire in a Chester bar three years ago. He hit him in the butt. But he is also hit 74-year-old Henry Toler in the chest, killing him.

He apologized yesterday for killing Toler, not so much for trying to kill Pharr.

Our Marlene DiGiacomo reports:

"Defense attorney Eugene Tinari admitted there was “bad blood” between Whitaker and Pharr. He maintained Pharr earned his nickname “Shootie” because he had enemies and had been “shot at so many times.”

Wouldn't that make his nickname "Shootee"?

But then, according to Tinari, Pharr was known to be something of a shooter himself.

“He (Pharr) was known to rob people. He was a dangerous individual by all accounts,” said Tinari.

He said his client at one time was seated in his car when Pharr opened fire on him and indicated the animosity between the two worsened.

Yep. That would do it.


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