Sunday, December 7, 2008

Bill Ayers is Back and Lying His Head Off

Since the election, as predicted by Spencerblog, former terrorist and FOB (Friend of Barack's) Bill Ayers has started shooting off his mouth.

He is now proclaiming he was the victim of a "false narrative," promoted by the right-wing media. His biggest howler is that he was not and never was a "terrorist" and that the Weather Underground was not a terrorist organization.

Eric Posner effectively bats away Ayers' lame attempts to justify the making and setting off of bombs to bring about revolutionary change in AmeriKKKa.

Obama effectively distanced himself from Ayers during his campaign and downplayed to the point of prevarication, the extent of their former relationship.

That was smart. And if Obama is a smart as everyone thinks, he will never have anything to do with Ayers again. Obama used Ayers early in his career to get ahead. Just like he used Rev. Wright to gain street cred in the black community. He doesn't need Ayers anymore.

Ayers however, is using the notoriety brought him during the campaign to sell books and rewrite his own history. Respectable journalists shouldn't let him get away with it.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"the term “terrorism” means premeditated, politically motivated violence perpetrated against non-combatant targets by subnational groups or clandestine agents"

Like the Founding Fathers and the Boston Tea Party?


Like the illegal "renditions" and tortures done by US agents, under the directions of Bush/Cheney, on non-combatants and misidentified people?

Posner keeps emphasizing: "Under current law, Ayers was a terrorist". That's irrelevant because
1) the current law is so overly broad that defacing a Bush/Cheney poster would qualify
2) Ayers turned himself in to the FBI decades ago and was not prosecuted (partially because the FBI had engaged in many illegal violations in dealing with protest groups in the 60's and 70's).

December 7, 2008 at 12:33 PM 
Blogger Spencerblog said...

That's an anti-American Leftist for ya'!

Bill Ayers, who plotted to overthrow the U.S. government through violence and replace it with a Marxist regime, isn't a terrorist. He's more like one of our Founding Fathers.

It's George Bush who's the terrorist.

No wonder Obama is running to the center and away from these sorts of people.

They're idiots.

At least they're smart enough to remain anonymous.

December 7, 2008 at 3:51 PM 
Anonymous Bob said...

I understand what Anon is saying. Most people wouldn't agree with Ayers actions, but to compare him with the current idea of what a terrorist is, and that's what was being done during the election, is misleading. And it backfired on the McCain campaign. When someone mentions terrorism, the three images that come to my mind are
1. Planes flying into the twin towers, 2. Islamic radicals walking into a market place and blowing up innocent people, and 3. The famous photograph of the young, half naked Vietnamese girl, running down the street, screaming in pain from napalm burns. I will never forget that image. To me, that girls face is the picture of terror. Anyone who doesn't believe we terrorized the people of Vietnam, needs to read up on their history. Just because its sponsored by the state, and carried out in an organized manner by the military, doesn't make it any less terroristic. Bill Ayers actions were insignificant, and pale in comparison to what this country did to the people of Vietnam. And Gil, you can call this leftist and anti American all you want. I call it facing reality.

December 7, 2008 at 4:51 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Bill Ayers, who plotted to overthrow the U.S. government"???

On what planet? On the planet where you aren't an idiot?

I guess it's not Earth. :-)

December 7, 2008 at 10:29 PM 
Anonymous Jonas said...

didn't Anon prove themselves wrong with their own definition of terrorism?

"the term “terrorism” means premeditated, politically motivated violence perpetrated against non-combatant targets by subnational groups or clandestine agents"

i think Ayers bombing a judges house would fall under politically motivated violence against a non-combatant target. i think it's safe to say our judges don't use brutality or force in their courtrooms.

and when over 40% of Gitmo's detainees have been recaptured fighting (with guns, not in court) against US soldiers in the battelfield, i think you'd be disqualified from the "non-combatant target" part of your definition.

thanks for proving Gil right and your ignorance Anon!

December 8, 2008 at 12:25 AM 
Anonymous Bob said...

Jonas - I think we are getting a bit off topic here, but just for the record, I remember hearing about a military interrogator saying that if the gitmo prisoners weren't enemy combatants before they were captured, they probably will be once they are released.
Now what do you think he meant by that?

December 8, 2008 at 11:06 AM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

There is no credible evidence that Ayers bombed the judge's house (despite the unsupported whining of the judge's now grown up son) or has ever been charged with that bombing.

If 40% join up to fight US, doesn't that imply that 60% didn't? And of the 40%, how many were innocent and later decided to take up arms against the US in retaliation for their original false imprisonment? If you were falsely captured and imprisoned by a foreign government for years, wouldn't you take up arms against them if they were occupying your country?

Besides, your definition of the detainees with guns fighting US soldiers on the battlefield doesn't make them terrorists by your repetition of the definition, as the US soldiers are not "non-combatant targets". Duh!

So, it seems you've succeeded only in proving your own ignorance. I guess you and Gil must be from the same planet.

December 8, 2008 at 11:44 AM 
Anonymous r said...

Gil made you look like a complete idiot, DDD. Take it like a man.

December 9, 2008 at 11:13 AM 
Anonymous r said...

David Diano, i apologize for all the improper things I've written to and about you in the last few years. As a now-fellow liberal, I realize that I have been wrong and that your teachings have merit and deserve both my consideration and my respect. can you find it in your heart to forgive me?

Spencer, can we reinstate my friend David Diano to the board? I would like to agree with him on heartfelt discussions about life and politics.

December 9, 2008 at 10:45 PM 
Anonymous r said...

Libs... happens on every message board. Every single one. It's kind of flattering to know that I mean so much to them. In a rather pathetic Lib coward sort of way...

December 10, 2008 at 10:46 AM 

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