Friday, December 19, 2008

Right Left Agree On Caroline

My colleague Tony Phyrillas finds something to agree with "ultra-liberal" Nat Hentoff about: Caroline Kennedy is NOT the most qualified person to fill Hillary Clinton's Senate seat.

Tony runs one of the best blogs available when it comes to Pennsylvania politics. So check it out.

But his description of Hentoff as an "ultra-liberal" is a little off. Hentoff is very liberal when it comes to civil and First Amenment rights. But he is also admirably pro-life, which makes him something of a pariah on the left.

He is his own man. Thoughtful and principled to the core. And he always has been.


Anonymous r said...

Nut Hentoff is an ultra Liberal kook alright.
That he argues for equal rights makes him a Libertarian; that he argues for granting constitutional rights reserved only for America citizens to our captured terrorist enemies makes him a Lib idiot.
And he ain’t that principled. He can be counted on to bark all the usual Lib Bush-bashing bytes. Lib again.
His being pro-life is about the only thing about him that isn’t Lib.

December 19, 2008 at 11:21 AM 

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