Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Dodd's Dodge

Sen. Chris Dodd paid by the taxpayers to oversee the mortgage industry prior to the mortgage meltdown fiasco got a sweetheart deal from the nation's largest mortgage company (Countrywide) because he qualified for the "Friends of Angelo" program. That was a select group of influential players former Countrywide CEO Angelo Mozilo tapped for special favors from the mortgage giant.

Months ago Dodd promised to release documents that showed him innocent of any wrongdoing. The other day he briefly showed some documents to several reporters without allowing them to make copies.

The WSJ remains skeptical and critical of Dodd's past and ongoing behavior.


Blogger steve mcdonald said...

its a shame connecticut lost a senator and countrywide gained one.

February 3, 2009 at 8:35 AM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wake Up people! We`deserve a good contract. All the CEO's and executive level management are destroying our country. In fact, where I work, in addition to fabulous pay,and bonuses our CEO of less than a year was awarded stock options of 279,400 shares and 10,000 shares(worth over 13 million dollars). But what really gets me is the peon level management beating their chests for give backs. Don't these dimwits realize that their fighting for the enemy. What we loose,they loose and what we gain they gain plus a little more. These know nothing, lame brained, company reps think that we'll let them have access to our pension fund too ( they came to the table demanding it).What they fail to realize is that when we loose our pension,they will soon loose theirs. So how could the nitwits bargain their own future away? Do they think the CEO's and Staff Level execs are going to take care of them? I do realize that a good leader and staff deserve a good pay, but give me a break,there are a select few screwing the whole industry as well as the public and the country. So wake up and get involved.And this is in Delco, right at SUNOCO

February 4, 2009 at 6:26 AM 

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