Thursday, May 21, 2009

E-Mail of the Week

From: Dennis Oneill
Date: Thu, 21 May 2009 07:57:19 -0400
Subject: abortion

Now that you mention it, that's what your column was yesterday. You just don't get it. People are tired of bedroom politics and the Government intruding in their personal lives. It's a Personal choice between a woman, her family and her medical professional. If you want to see some people who "get it" read the editorial on page 40.

Dennis M. O'Neill

And my response...


I did read the editorial and I see many people did "get it." Especially, the people who commented on it online.

As for "Bedroom politics," a question: Since when do abortionists make housecalls to perform abortions in people's bedrooms? Maybe they'll be required to under Obama's new healthcare plan. What a great day for the cause that will be.


UPDATE: First runner up goes to Bradley McFarland Scace...

Mr. Spencer,

In lieu of your most recent article, "Obama honor is an abortion of beliefs" I am finally taking the opportunity to pass along some long overdue thoughts regarding your career. You sir, are an outstanding journalist and a credit to your profession. In this day and age, the blatant lack of objectivity permeating throughout the vast majority of your colleagues work is nothing short of disgraceful. I am sure you have heard this many times before; however, that in no way mitigates its veracity: We need voices like yours now more than ever. The media’s methodology and tactics employed to destroy any of those who dare to stand against their extreme leftist agenda are reprehensible. No doubt, they would gladly silence every conservative voice in this country if they could. Thankfully, due to the efforts and writings of men like you, they will not accomplish that goal. Please, keep up the good (and necessary) work you do.


Bradley M. Scace

My response...

What can I say other than thanks. I'll try.

UPDATE: A late entry:

I wonder what criteria you're using to declare Notre Dame "the nation's premier Catholic university". In name recognition perhaps but Georgetown was the first, and by any other standard I can think of, is the greatest Catholic university in the land.

Jack Brennan
Ardmore, PA

My response:

I stand corrected. Thanks.


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