Friday, January 29, 2010

Obama Blows It On National Security

Democrats have been saddled with another political albatross this election year; the mirandizing of the Christmas terrorist from Yemen. The Obama administration's decision to treat him like an other criminal suspect was a mistake of gigantic proportions, both politically and for national security.

Coupled with the much ballyhooed presidential promise to close Gitmo by Jan. 1 2010, a promise the president broke and never should have made in the first place, the decision shows the fecklessness of this administration when it comes to security. Then there was the decision to try Khalid Sheikh Mohammed in civilian court in New York City. Democrats have for a long time been perceived to be weaker on national security issues than Republicans. Obama has played right into this perception.

Senator-elect Scott Brown not only ran on defeating Obamacare, but against Obama's treating of captured foreign terrorists like common criminals. Polls showed that the voters who elected him were even more outraged by the Obama's coddling of terrorists than they were of his plans for a federal take-over of U.S. Healthcare.

All this is a disaster for Democrats.

More here from Chucky the K.


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