Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Time to Grow Up on Obamacare

On the healthcare debate Politico reports:
Lawrence O’Donnell, the Democratic Senate Finance Committee staff director during the ’93-’94 health care debate, said we’re now witnessing reform’s death throes – and Democrats know it. The party will not be able to pass another reform bill through the Senate, period. 

“Pelosi said that, ‘We don’t have the votes for passing the Senate bill’ and that should have just ended it. Any discussion of another scenario is juvenile,” he said. “It’s ridiculous.”

As late as yesterday, The New Republic's Jonathan Cohn claimed that healthcare is "At the two-yard line" and only needs to be pushed into the end zone. It's on the two-yard line alright, their OWN two-yard line. Democrats are just trying to avoid a sack for a safety.

Larry to Jonathan: Grow up and get real.

UPDATE: A week-old clip of Chris Matthews schooling liberal partisan Rep. Alan Grayson about how legislation is passed and chastising him for sticking to the same silly talking points.


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