Wednesday, April 21, 2010

DT's Q of the D

The Daily Times has a new feature: The Question of the Day and I want to play. Or we could call it the Loaded Question of the Day.

Here's this morning's query on Airline Fees:
First, they started charging for drinks. Then it was food. Next came a bill for checking your bags. Now, one airline is starting to charge for carry-on luggage. What's next? An extra price if you want to sit down?

Have you had enough? Are you personally going to boycott the airlines because of these extra fees? Is it just the way of the world and something we have to deal with?
Personally, I have not had enough. I think they should take out half the seats in the back of the plane and have "standing room only." First class, coach and SRO. That way they could get more people on the plane, make more money, and not charge for carry on luggage.

Or how about this: Let the free market work. If airlines charge too much people will fly less. But given the fact that the industry has LOST money since it's creation, that so many airlines have gone into bankruptcy or simply out of business people should understand it's a pretty tough business in which to make a buck. Charging for extras - like baggage handling and food - is just a way for the airlines to raise prices so that they can make enough of a profit to stay out of bankruptcy for another year or two.

But by all means, I think people should boycott the airlines that charge extra fees. That way there will be less people flying and I can find an empty seat to sit next to and have more elbow room. At least until that airline goes out of business. Thanks for asking.


Blogger steve mcdonald said...

d they can't build it into the over ticket price because...

I'm not a fan of the potential charges for overhead baggage. For years, I fly without checked bags because I can fit what I need into a small overhead bag. Now I'm going ot pay for it.

April 21, 2010 at 10:40 AM 

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