Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Game 6 Stanley Cup Playoffs

As requested by my editor I will be live-blogging tonight's Flyers-Blackhawks game. Anyone expecting sharp analysis of the Flyers play and penetrating insights into their strategy tonight should definitely go somewhere else.

I know more about my dog's anal glands (one of them is infected) than I do about hockey. When it comes to the rules, I think I know what icing is, but that's about it. But that doesn't mean I haven't been watching the games. I get the gist of hockey. Both teams try to shoot the puck into the other score team's goal while beating the crap out of each other. Right?

I will be aided tonight by Mrs. Spencerblog, who will be watching the game with me and will no doubt ask questions and say things that will make even me feel like Bobby Clarke.

Also I plan to check in occasionally with my attorney, who follows all Philadelphia sports teams and claims to know a thing or two about the game of hockey.

And so without further ado...


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