Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Is Israel Above the Law?

Posted by parallel

More than 600 activists kidnapped by Israel in international waters are still being held captive. The United Nations Security Council on Monday condemned the Israeli raid on the Gaza aid flotilla and deplored the loss of innocent life that attended it. The world body insisted that Israel immediately release the 480 humanitarians it had taken captive, and demanded that it also let their ships go. The UNSC also instructed Israel to lift its blockade of the Gaza Strip, calling the siege “not sustainable.”

Continuing the blockade of Gaza is as much in contravention of the United Nations Security Council instructions as Saddam Hussein was with regard to his weapons programs in the early 1990s. Saddam didn't even have any WMD, but there is no doubt about what Israel is doing. So why is Israel not following the Security Council's instructions? Does Israel consider itself above the law?

It is reported Israel is not letting the prisoners go until they sign a paper saying they entered the country illegally(!) The enforced silence of the captives has allowed Israel to shape the news for the US media. A few pieces of information have been gleaned from those in hospital, like the man who said his body was covered in bruises but he was not allowed to show them, before being hustled away by a guard. Others have stated. "The soldiers were all masked, carrying big guns and were extremely brutal.” One reported the commandos used live ammunition, tasers, stun grenades and tear gas. This is in international waters and this would never have happened if Israel had followed the UN instructions and ended the siege of Gaza. There is raw video posted to YouTube showing the Israelis laid down suppressive fire and at that point killed two individuals on the ship.

So far Obama has only voiced regret at the casualties and called for clarification of what happened in the raid. Like "why were you late for tea?"


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