Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Fair Acres For Sale?

It won't happen tomorrow or the next day, but as budget pressures increase it's something county council will have to look at. As councilman Andy Lewis says "all options should be on the table."

The county is not legally responsible to run a nursing home. But it is certainly a nice service for the 900 clients who reside at the county high rise for the elderly. The vast majority of them couldn't afford nursing home care in a private facility.

Fair Acres Executive Director Joe Dougherty runs the place at 98.5 percent capacity and as well as any county home in the state. A private owner would cut benefits and salaries of staff and probably some services as well.

In the years to come, the question is, will county taxpayers care enough about having the home to pay for it?

My print column is up.


Blogger annhoskins said...

If you read the comments from September 30, 2010 on the feelings of many about Fair Acres for Sale, you would know how people really feel. Keep on top of this subject, Fair Acres For Sale? I for one would like to read and hear more about it.


October 1, 2010 at 5:11 PM 
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