Thursday, October 7, 2010

What the Frack?

Holman Jenkins reports and opines on the coming Marcellus Shale boom, the hyped controversy over "fracking" and why environmentalist and NIMBYs won't be able to slow down this big bit of energy development:
As a report from the Houston investment firm of Tudor Pickering shrewdly predicted in June, there will be no fracking ban. Too much money, too many jobs, too much revenue for state government is at stake. Instead: "The gold-rush-like endeavor called shale drilling will morph from trial-and-error into a more institutionalized affair. . . . Bigger companies will have a growing advantage, because they can better afford to prevent spills and leaks and correct them when they happen."

Yep, the sound and fury of the fracking debate is really just the noise of the fracking phenomenon being domesticated.
Read the Hol thing.


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