Thursday, December 9, 2010

Is Steve Molin Guilty of Matricide?

Yesterday, I drove 3 hours down to Snow Hill, Maryland, to interview accused murderer Steven Molin. The Darby man and now prison inmate is accused of taking his mother out of the Media nursing home where she resided, driving her to a remote area in Maryland, and intentionally running her over with his truck.

I will be writing about this for tomorrow's newspaper.

But a couple of things struck me about Molin. He has been described as mentally challenged but I didn't sense that. He is a strange bird. He may have psychological problems or a personality disorder of some type, but he didn't appear to me to be slow witted or mentally retarded in any way.

More than once he told me what happened was a "horrible accident." He also told me why he brought his mother all the way down to Maryland that night. (I'll save that for my column.)

He obviously hated that his mother was taken away from him last year by a court order and put in a nursing home. He blamed the nursing home and her court-appointed guardian for what he claimed was his mother's deteriorating mental condition.

"My mom was my whole life," he said. "We did everything together."

He is an only child and 58 years old. Like I said, he is a strange bird. But is he a murderer?

More tomorrow.


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