Monday, January 3, 2011

Jonah, Michael & Barack

Jonah Goldberg weighs in on Michael Vick:
As a dog lover of the first order, I can sympathize with the sentiment behind pundit Tucker Carlson’s hyperbole about wanting Vick executed for his crimes. But at the end of the day, nearly two years in jail, personal bankruptcy, and the loss of some prime playing years is a reasonable punishment. Though I think lifetime banishments should be more common in professional sports. (Why is betting on, say, basketball more of a reason to ban someone than betting on dogfights? No one drowns the Celtics when they lose.)
He also gives Obama a shot for waiting until Vick's comeback was a success on the field before congratulating Jeff Laurie for giving him a second chance. It's a fair shot. But it's also very understandable for the president to wait before weighing such an emotionally charged matter.

As it is, it would be nice if the prez also personally congratulated the many families who gave Vick's dogs a second chance when groups like the Humane Society and PETA were arguing that they couldn't be rehabilitated and should be put down.

That, however, might be a little awkward for the president given the fact that the federal judge who ruled in favor of saving the dogs, Henry Hudson, was the very same judge who recently ruled against the Obamacare insurance mandate.


Blogger steve mcdonald said...

I can't hold a grudge against Vick because of his past as he did something most professional athletes and celebrities in his shoes usually never do - actual time in prision. He was sentenced, he did the time, he's expressed remorse, and he's doing an effective job in partnering with the humane society. I'll also admit two things: 1) He's played way better than I've expected (didn't like him in ATL) and 2) He's coming off in interviews as intelligent - something I never saw in his days at VA Tech and ATL.

Howard Eskin slammed the President over the holidays for being a 'frontrunner', congratulating Lurie only when it was convenient to see how Vick turned out to be a success. Eskin made two good points: 1) Why not congratualte Lurie for taking the bold step last year when Vick was seeking an opportunity, and 2) Why not congratulate Lurie on his bold intiiatives to make the Linc the world's greenest stadium?

Happy New Year All!

January 3, 2011 at 8:40 AM 

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