Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Our Congressman Responds

Rep. Pat Meehan reacts to the President's speech:"
I am encouraged by the President's tone - he spoke of the shared
opportunity to create an environment for a strong economy, find solutions on
health care and cut spending. He rightly places the family at the core of
our purpose and an obligation to address tough issues on behalf of our

"The great challenge is getting beyond the rhetoric to real solutions that
would put more Americans back to work. We must encourage innovation to
maintain our pre-eminent place in the world, but the President's call for
competitive tax rates and a reduction in needless regulation must be genuine
to support it. As with each of his challenges from education to energy, the
devil is in the details. I was disappointed that the President did not say
more about how he proposes to deal with the staggering debt our nation
faces. Our nation's ability to do "big things" will require tough choices
Fair enough.


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