Wednesday, February 23, 2011

More HRC Follies

In Delaware, the state Human Relations Commission found that it was illegal and racist for a theater manager to tell a mostly-black crowd to turn off their cell phones and be quiet during the show. The HRC fined the theater $80,000. It took the state Supreme Court to overturn that idiotic decision.

One of the aggrieved was the then head of the state HRC itself.
One person in the theater who stood up and announced her opinion that the manager's actions were racist was Juana Fuentes-Bowles, then the director of the state's Human Relations Division, according to the ruling. Fuentes-Bowles, who apparently did not announce her title but said she was "an attorney or someone who worked for an attorney," then collected names and phone numbers of patrons who were offended. A division employee then called patrons and organized a meeting, including Fuentes-Bowles, after which a complaint was drafted.

Fuentes-Bowles also initially signed on to the complaint with 33 others, but later took her name off it so she would not be "a distraction," according to the ruling.


Blogger jake said...

This article goes on to say that "Fuentes-Bowles left her position with the state..."

Haverford Township -- are you paying attention? Your new Director of Politically-Correct Thought and Speech is ripe for the picking.

February 23, 2011 at 4:24 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I thought I was in fantasy land upon reading of the Fuentes-Bowles situation in Delaware. Surely this has to be a joke, methought... But sadly it is fact. The good thing is that Ms. Fuentes-Bowles was probably too high on the Delaware governmental food chain to be represented by a public union that would have taken her cause and fought it to the bitter end. Facts be damned. It is us versus them. Whoops... When it comes to public employee unions it really is them versus us. Except that "us" have to defer to the wisdom of our elected officials who are unwilling, until lately in some situations, to fight them. Beware PA executive branch and legislative leaders, beware Delco leaders, beware municipal leaders---the days of "you" being "us" and giving everything to "them" are coming to a quick end. Thankfully...

February 23, 2011 at 9:56 PM 

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