Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Madison, We Have a Problem!

Uh oh! We have a civility problem in Madison. Government workers, teachers and other public employees are engaging in hateful and extreme rhetoric that, you know, could get someone shot.
... Scott Walker is asking the state’s public employees to start contributing to their own pension and health-care benefits and limit their collective bargaining rights to negotiations over pay rather than benefits. His plan is sparking furious protests, with demonstrators holding up signs saying “Heil Walker! Stop the Maniac,” accusing the Wisconsin governor of “exterminating union members,” and calling him a “Fascist Union Community Killer.” Governor Walker is referred to as “Governor Mubarak,” a “Midwest Mussolini,” “al Qaeda Scott,” with some slogans reading, “Scott Walker = Adolph Hitler.”
Where's Paul "It's Palin's Fault" Krugman? Is he counseling progressives to tone it down? No, he's egging on the unionists.

Where's President Obama? Calling for calm and people to "disagree without being disagreeable"? No, he's calling Walker's efforts "an assault on unions." His political arm is sending reinforcements in an effort to intimidate Wisconsin Republicans into backing down. It ain't working.

Meanwhile, Democrats have fled the state to avoid a vote on the GOP proposals. At least when Obama was in the Senate he voted "present."

There are many other "civility" hypocrites on the left.

Pete Wehner has it right:
The game that’s being played is obvious. Civility has no intrinsic worth for these individuals; it is merely another weapon in an endless political battle.
No kidding.


Anonymous Rozee said...


So the governor of WI want to "limit their collective bargaining rights to negotiations over pay rather than benefits?" Are you suggesting that is reasonable? In fact, benefits are a form of salary. For example, health care, retirement, and day care benefits are out-of-pocket costs against "salary" unless the employer provides a share of that. Basic Economics 101 refutes the anti-worker rhetoric coming from Governor Walker and so many companies in DelCo. Would you like some examples?

March 1, 2011 at 12:04 PM 

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