Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Primary Election Day

The races that interest me most are the ones in Newtown Square, where Ed Partridge is trying to knock off Supervisor Linda Houldin in the GOP primary and in Springfield where Jim Devenney is trying to regain his 6th Ward Township Commissioner's seat after being pushed out last year by party bosses for his alleged pool perk abuse.

Also Eric Mundy, 30-year-old son of Byron, is looking to be part of a GOP pro-taxpayer slate in Southeast Delco, willing to take on the district's teachers union.

What's interesting about Eric is that he's a school teacher himself. He teaches math at the high-tone Malvern Prep. I talked to him yesterday and he sounds downright proud that he isn't qualified to teach in any of the state's public school systems because he hasn't taken the education courses that would allow him to be certified.

He only has a B.S. in a biology from DeSales University and a masters degree in mathematics from Villanova. Good enough for Malvern Prep but not for Southeast Delco, William Penn or any other public school.

He told me he's seen what private schools can do with less money. Mainly what they do is pay their teachers less and still get better quality educators than if they are state certified. Holding the line on salaries and benefits, which is where 80 percent of school budgets go, is how to save taxpayers money.

Win or lose today, he's right.

It's miserable out and could be all day. Turnout should be low, which means the candidates with the most motivated supporters will win.

Time to get moving.


Blogger Dannytheman said...

My families 4 votes will be tonight after 5:30.

Bye, bye Houldin!!

May 17, 2011 at 10:45 AM 

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