Saturday, July 23, 2011

Down Comes Kirton

Darby's Tasha Kirton, the owner of the Rottweiler puppy that died after being left out in her yard for hours in the scorching heat, is being vilified for her neglectful actions. A second puppy is being treated for heat exhaustion.

She claims that she would never intentionally leave her dogs outside in such heat. According to the story, she has five kids leaving the impression that her defense is that she got distracted from knowing where the puppies were and that they were in harm's way..

She bought the two puppies from a breeder in North Carolina. Typically, such breeders want to know who they are selling their animals to and that they are going to a good, responsible home. What did Kirton tell the breeder that convinced them to sell her the puppies? Or didn't the breeders bother to ask? Is there any evidence that the dogs were otherwise neglected or abused.

People make mistakes, get distracted by daily routines and tragedies happen.

Is she any worse than the grandfather who forgot about and left his toddler grandson in the back of his car for hours, killing him?


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