Saturday, July 2, 2011

Just Plane Crazy

[Posted By Jake]

Our President is made of such stern stuff. When called out by the Republicans for his failed leadership on tax cutting, he responded with... a press conference. Why bother to actually do something constructive when you can instead lecture the unwashed masses? You could just hear all the liberal frauds and pretenders shouting "you go girl" as Barack tried to revive his faltering approval ratings with yet another virtuoso performance of finger-pointing and class warfare.

He questioned the diligence of Congress, congratulated himself on his own work ethic, misstated his daughter's birthday, and condemned no less than six times the corporate jet stimulus he previously endorsed. It was a mouthful of misrepresentation that only our narcissist-in-chief would have the temerity to attempt.

So exhausting was this exercise in political pandering that he immediately jetted out of town for a Democrat fundraiser, right here in Philadelphia. The irony of the regular availability of Air Force One for his re-election campaign, versus those corporate jets he was denouncing, somehow was lost on the towering intellect of our fearless leader.

While Congress was challenged to stay in Washington and keep working, our hypocritical President will be enjoying another in a long line of family vacations, this time a leisurely July 4th holiday at Camp David. There he will be celebrating his daughter Malia's real 13th birthday, despite the press conference announcement otherwise.

Can you imagine the self-righteous howling from the liberal thought police had any Republican dared appropriate his daughter's teenage milestone for partisan purposes, and then get it wrong? How about criticizing his own stimulus incentive? Disregard the fact that the tax break for corporate jets was the centerpiece of his argument labeling Republicans as out of touch with the common man. You know, out of touch like forgetting your daughter's age.

This particular tax break is only worth $300 million a year, versus the billions in out-of control spending the Democrats refuse to cut. Here's an idea -- if the corporate jet tax incentive so riles our President, all he has to do is curtail the First Family's vacations and his record-breaking rounds of golf, and that money could be made up in no time. Does anybody expect that reasonable and appropriate "shared sacrifice" from Team Obama anytime soon?


Blogger Dannytheman said...

Nice post Jake! The Obama believers will not hear you. I actually had a talk with a coworker, on Thursday last week, who devotedly made arguments defending him. He now blames the Republican Congress for everything. Incredible!!

July 3, 2011 at 2:12 PM 

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