Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Lancing the LCB Boil

In Harrisburg today, hearings will begin on legislature to privatize the LCB. Yesterday I spoke to two state reps, one Republican, one Democrat, who pointed out the political pitfalls to reform. My print column is up.

Tearing down an entrenched bureaucracy is like lancing a boil. It isn't pretty and it can be painful. It takes commitment and political guts.

As JFK said back in 1961: "We choose to go to the moon in this decade and do the other things, not because they are easy - but because they are hard!"


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Mr Spencer, I know for some reason you have an axe to grind with state workers, but just for the record, the state workers did NOT get the same pension increase as all the elected and appointed officials did. And you mention again in the Blog on 7/27 that the pensions that the state workers get. For your information the average state workers income is in the 30/40 K range. No where near the Senators and Legislatures that is $80 THOUSAND AND UP, ALL ACCORDING TO WHAT COMMISION THEY OVER-SEE OR CHAIR IF YOU WILL.
THE LEGISLATURE AND SENATORS ALONG WITH ALL JUDGES, (both Local appointees and elected) APPOINTED CABINET MEMBERAS AND Governor etc got a 50% increase in their pensions when they did that, the commonwealth employees again averaging about $30/40 K a year got a 25% increase. Now the state employees have to work so many years to be vested to collect their pensions, elected officials do not have to serve a given time frame ie 10yrs before they can collect a pension. It's one thing to give information about state employees, but from now on before you state that the state employess have every thing the elected Officials have, check out the information, it is public knowledge. Seee what a secretary, clerk typist, highway worker, makes before grouping all the state actual workers, in with all the elected (Who by the way are off more then they work).
If You are going to do the job and try to make it look like all state workers get any where near what the Civeras, McCozzies, Adolphs, Vitalis, get when they retire, Tell the truth. Ask a state worker what his pension will be when he retires after 30 odd yrs on the job.
And in closing, I am sure, as sure as can be, None of Us state workers makes the likes of what You make being a writer.
Lets sed you print that in your paper, tell the truth about us, don't group us workers in with the Legislature and Senate, just to name a few. We would Love to make 70% of what they make. Times might be as easy as you try to put on for us... Thank You. Now print thatin your paper...Tell the truth about the real workers in this state. Tell the public we;re lucky to make what we make.Even some of us have to have 2/3 incomes coming in to make ends meet.

July 27, 2011 at 2:38 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is not unexpected that the debate on the privatization of the LCB has been turned into the issue of the current unionized LCB workers... However, if the legislature allows that to be the deciding factor, hands down we'll be stuck with what we have. Which is an archaic system of providing services to the citizens of this Commonwealth as regards the purchase of wine and spirits. As a customer of the good old State Stores, I respect most of the clerks that I have encountered. However, there is a much better alternative to that with which we currently are forced to deal and it is time to make a change...

July 27, 2011 at 7:29 PM 

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