Sunday, August 21, 2011

Ten Vacations

[Posted By Jake]

As worries about the nation's economy mount and the threat of a double dip recession grows, President Obama remains steadfastly committed to the good life. Last Thursday, our fearless leader and his family headed to Martha's Vineyard for 10 days of fun in the sun at Blue Heron Farm, the $20 million estate where they spent their last two summer vacations.

Moving forward into the 2012 Presidential campaign, one of the mantras of the Democrat spin machine will be their singular concern for the common man. For context, let's review the Obama family's numerous extraordinary vacations, contrasted with a time of historic economic distress for millions of Americans:

**June 2009** Destination Paris
After one of his many trips on his world apology tour, the President rendezvoused with his daughters in Paris, touring the Notre Dame cathedral, the Pompideau Center and of course, the Eiffel Tower.

**July 2009** Destination Moscow
The first daughters accompanied their parents to the Soviet Union. The President even blew off Prime Minister Putin for a family night.

**August 2009** Destination Grand Canyon and Yellowstone Park
Sightseeing included Old Faithful and the spectacular view from Hopi Point.

**August 2009** Destination Martha's Vineyard
The first family rode bikes, played miniature golf and enjoyed beach time in their first visit to Blue Heron Farm.

**December 2009** Destination Hawaii
As is the Obama family custom, Christmas is spent in Hawaii, generally a week or so.

**July 2010** Destination Maine
A long weekend touring the nature trails of Acadia National Park was the vacation plan this time. Of special note was that first dog Bo accompanied the family on this trip and was even rumored to have his own separate airplane.

**August 2010** Destination Spain
Just mother and daughter Sasha took this controversial trip, along with a group of the first lady's best gal pals. This foreign boondoggle, where shopping, lavish meals and the shutdown of a public beach were high points, was estimated to have cost the American taxpayers $100 million, and the President wasn't even there.

**August 2010** Destination Florida
Sensitive to the criticism that the President appeared hypocritical by touting the cleanup of the Gulf of Mexico, but vacationing elsewhere, a quick weekend trip with Michelle and Sasha was arranged. Comically, Barack went swimming in what he thought was the Gulf, but really wasn't. So much for the public relations effort to reassure the American public.

**August 2010** Destination Martha's Vineyard
Big sister Malia rejoined the family for their annual 10-day beach vacation. There was another comical public relations hit when the President was photographed bike riding with his oversized helmet. Memories of Michael Dukakis in the tank and Pee Wee Herman riding his bike were famously recalled.

**December 2010 Destination Hawaii
Another Christmas in paradise, this time at a luxury beachfront property in Oahu. Lots of golf, snorkeling and fine dining marked this winter escape.

Whew... that's most of them. Don't have the record-breaking rounds of golf, the campaign trips to Chicago or the supposed diplomatic trips by the First Lady. But the ten vacations detailed here convey the Obama entitlement mindset pretty well.
If you think your family deserves this kind of extravagance while your fellow citizens are suffering, then it's hardly surprising that you oppose government spending cuts and dismiss calls for financial responsibility and austerity.

When the President and his re-election campaign start ratcheting up the class warfare, talking about shared sacrifice and disparity of incomes, it's going to be hard not to think of these ten vacations, the likes of which most of us would have been glad to have experienced just once.


Blogger Spencerblog said...

My friend Jake is entitled to his opinion and welcome to post it here. But Spencerblog fully supports vacations, especially for this president. When he is on one he is not passing bad legislation, more federal regulations, or making inane speeches. I welcome the respite.

August 23, 2011 at 10:01 AM 
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