Wednesday, September 14, 2011

About that Joe Sestak Column

   Dear Mr. Spencer;
My name is Mary Cellucci  and I was a constituent of Former Congressman Joe Sestak. I know of his commitment and his intelligence, integrity, and Work ethic, not to mention his 31 years experience in the Navy. His position of director of the Navys anti-terrorsm unit. If he is (sic) qualified, I don’t know who is. He would get my vote.

I agree that Joe is smart, honest and works hard but he wouldn't ever think of NOT mentioning his 31 years in the Navy. He's a government man, who obviously believes in the power of government to do good. I prefer a more smaller, less busy and more humble government.  

And so if he ever runs for president, you can cancel out my vote.

Hmmm. You might take a look at N.Y. 9's outcome.  Sestak voted entirely with Obama.  Thanks to him we have another trillion in debti with Obamacare not to mention the trillion in failed stimulus.  Sestak would be wonderful.. for Russia! All you Marxists are toast!  We're going to take this country back and you will never see the Marxists in power again! This country has learned a very hard lesson! Unfortunately the Marxist main stream press like you hasn't! No one takes you seriously any more!  Shame on you for not being an American!

Joann Stump

You should read the column again. Maybe you'll realize it's you who are taking it too "seriously."

Hi Gil,

I have to laugh at your nonsense article today. Because you'll look real silly when Brown gets trounced in Mass. and Obama wins again. How come you never say anything about the Tea Baggers and Republicans voting NO to everything? You do understand this will be the same way if the Republicans get in the White House too. Why don't you read what Ronald
Reagan's daughter had to say about the Tea Baggers and your Party. She said her father wouldn't be associated with anybody that would cheer for 22 people to be put to death or scream let them die as the Perry supporters have done recently in their debates. Your party has become such a joke.
By the way, Congress has a lower approval rating than the President. Boehner has a nice tan these days. What jobs have the Republicans created over the passed 6 months? I'm sure we'll just get more lies from your squad because that's all we get these days. Let's remember how we got into this mess in the first place. How can a President accomplish anything when the answer will always be NO. The Southern Tea Baggers are making this country look stupid but then again don't the Southerns always do that? Bibles and Guns for Everyones!!!!

Pat Barker

For a year and a half the President had huge Democratic majorities in both the House and Senate. What did he accomplish? A healthcare bill that a majority of the people in this country hate and one that helped elect Scott Brown to replace Ted Kennedy.
Joe voted with the president on every major piece of legislation he supported from early 2009 to the fall of 2010 and what did it get him? A second place finish in the Pennsylvania senate race.
Maybe he'll have better luck next time.


Anonymous lglyspkng said...

Pat, FYI, the term "Tea Baggers" refers to a disgusting sexual act Your use of it shows you subscribe to the typical Democrat reaction of name calling instead of engaging in an intelligent discussion. Not surprising since you refer to "your Party" as well. We are all Americans and should be able to engaqe in civil discussions. Instead the President issues mandates and all or nothing offers and when the People stand up, they become racist, unpatriotic and a gross sex act.
As far as Sestak goes, he was relieved of command due to his hostile attitude, one similar to our President's attitude toward anyone who disagrees with him. He was also demoted before his retirement due to his lack of ability to lead properly. Now don't give me the tired line that he didn't have the time in grade to retire a 3 star so they retired him as a 2 star. The military doesn't work that way. You have to prove your ability before they promote and you hold that rank and all privileges and benefits of that rank until you ascend higher or, for disciplinary reasons, are reduced in rank.

September 14, 2011 at 6:48 PM 

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