Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Joe Goes Rogue in "The Rogue"

Joe "Fatal Vision" McGinniss inadvertently trashes his own book on Sarah Palin before it is released.

Begging for help from a well-known Palin-hater, McGinniss writes:
Jesse, if you can put me in touch with people who are willing and able to substantiate any of the above, now is the time to do so. Otherwise, I hope you won’t complain that there are no startling new revelations in my book. My publisher and I think it’s damning enough without airing the family’s dirty laundry, but because Sarah’s hypocrisy about her family is one of the things that galls me most, I’d like to be able to publish facts in regard to a) through f) above, but I emphasize facts. Not malicious speculation or third-hand rumors relayed by those who hold a grudge.

For any or all of those who’ve told you they’ll speak out, but not yet, now is the time. My book represents the last best chance to put the truth about Sarah in front of the American people in a documented, verifiable way. But I need facts that I can rely on. I didn’t live this long and work this hard over so many decades to wind up as AlaskaWTF between hard covers.
In the end, according to the reviews, McGinniss never did get the facts and went with the malicious speculation and third-hand rumors.

He must have needed the money awfully bad to have sacrificed what little reputation he had left as a writer. Sad, really.

UPDATE: Palins threaten legal action.


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