Saturday, October 22, 2011

A Brave Admission

When he was a congressman from Alabama, Arthur Davis voted against a Voter ID bill. He took the default position of every black man and every Democrat in congress.

Now he says, "I was wrong."
The fact that a law that is unlikely to impede a single good faith voter -- and that only gives voting the same elements of security as writing a check at the store, or obtaining a library card -- is controversial does say much about the raw feelings in our current politics. The ugliest, hardest forms of disfranchisement were practiced in our lifetimes, and its still conventional rhetoric in black political circles to say those times are on the way back. Witness a last-minute automated call to black voters in the 2010 general election by state Sen. Hank Sanders, an ingenious lawyer and a skillful legislator who knew better, but who also knew the attack would resonate.


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