Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Win-Win, Lose!

In other news out of Philly:
PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Surrounded by members of the Philadelphia Building and Construction Trades Council, Philadelphia mayor Michael Nutter today signed at executive order that will once again make project labor agreements (“PLAs”) a part of the bidding process for public works projects of $5 million or more.

Both city and organized labor officials believe this is a win-win for everyone.

Mayor Nutter says PLAs are a contract between the city and the trades that establishes benchmarks for the hiring of city residents and minorities.
Win-win? But not win-win-win. Not when Philly taxpayers will have to pay inflated prices for construction work.

When you read the word "diversity" or hiring "benchmarks" in relation to city, state or federal government spending, you can be sure the price of doing business just went up.


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