Sunday, December 4, 2011

Adoptable George

A lovable pit bull gets a home. His temporary home wasn't too bad either. Look at all his foster brothers and sisters.

(Hey, who's that gangster in the back?)

From the story:
The SPCA did not release the identity of the family, but Calgiano said it’s a childless couple in their 30s from Bryn Mawr, Montgomery County.

Since Curious George was considered a “celebrity dog,” Calgiano said the adoption process was lengthier than the standard process. She said the SPCA wanted to ensure the family was adopting the dog for the correct reasons and not because he was well-known.

Calgiano said the adopting family has had experience with pit bulls, embraced the training George needs and was willing to adopt any dog. She also said the wife works from home and the family doesn’t have other pets, ensuring George will get the attention he needs.

“We feel so confident that these people are the perfect family and home for George,” Calgiano said, noting the decision was unanimous among shelter officials. “We did really choose the right family. We just feel so wonderful about every single aspect of this.”


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