Monday, May 14, 2012

President Panderbash

Will someone please explain to me how President Obama's new vocal support for gay marriage is not a flip-flop and rather obvious pander to an important constituency for him and his party.

Not only that, but how does it actually move the ball forward for gay activists? The president expressed personal support but said the matter should be left to the states. That's where it is now.

Given that one out of six of the Obama campaign's money bundlers is openly gay, it's not hard to see why the president has "evolved" to his new position. That makes the dewy-eyed fawning over it a little pathetic.

Granted, the president risks some political capital in battleground states for even this lame bit of lip service. But on the whole he would rather have the campaign money generated by Democrat gay activists to bash Mitt Romney until Election Day.

The president's campaign strategy is to cobble together enough disparate Democrat special interest groups (Greens, unions, educationists, blacks, single women, students, pro-choicers, Hispanics and gays) to win in November. He is aggressively pandering to all of them. And hoping they'll forget the wretchedly spent trillion-dollar stimulus and his egregious health-care reform law. He can't run on those "accomplishments." So he has to pander and bash.

Could work.

UPDATE: I wonder if magazine covers like this will help:

Nice Gaylo!


Blogger CharlieSix said...

All true, Mr. Spencer. But I have seen a lot of news posts regarding how divisive his support of gay marriage is to the black community, and, in particular, to the African American clergy. Which leads one to surmise that he (actually his handlers) have decided to take for granted the votes of African Americans and put the icing on his cake with the GLBT voters. We'll see in November how the strategy works.

May 14, 2012 at 8:45 PM 

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