Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Hope Springs

A mediocre movie gets a wonderful review from someone, I suspect, is the most underrated reviewer in the business.

Worth reading for this alone...
That is not the case with Tommy Lee Jones, to put it mildly. Jones’s specialty has always been the unexpectedly extraordinary man, whose world-weary demeanor masks an inexhaustible intelligence and hard-won wisdom (or devilish villainy). Arnold is none of these things. He’s a well-meaning, repressed, parochial fellow who finds himself forced out of his comfort zone and scrambles, sometimes desperately, to get back to it. With a precision and subtlety he has never before shown in his 40 years on screen, Jones simply becomes Arnold Soames of Omaha, Nebraska—a man whose carefully circumscribed life begins to disintegrate right in front of him. He is heartbreaking. When would you ever have thought Tommy Lee Jones could break your heart? For that gift alone, Hope Springs deserves to be celebrated.
Good stuff.


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