Thursday, August 16, 2012

Philly Government Breaks Gun Law?

Philadelphia political hacks seem to have violated state law in publishing the names of people who have been denied gun permits. These jerks should have known better.

A civil rights advocate writes:
If I were one of these people listed, I’d be filing the lawsuit right now. This is unconscionable. The criminals that run that city clearly think they are above the law. I say we ought to show them who can get away with what. I count at least $29,000 dollars worth of violations here, and attorneys fees will probably drive that higher by orders of magnitude. They should be made to pay for this.
Whoever authorized this should be fired.


Blogger Dannytheman said...

Look at you, posting from PA Gun Blog link. I am so proud. I happen to know the keepers of that blog, AKA Sebastian and Bitter, if you ever want to meet them.

But also must add to the Philly ignorance of the law.

"Mark McDonald from the mayor’s press office called with the following explanation: “The legal department has determined that this is public information. Its publication is legal. An individual who is denied a permit and files an appeal, that person has waived their right to confidentiality. All that said, within the government, there is a concern about the propriety of publishing the information, and so we’re looking at this again. On the one hand, city government wants to be transparent and believes in the concept of open data. Access to information makes for strong citizenry and effective government. But on the other hand, there are public safety concerns with regard to this information. Perhaps some of it should be redacted, although we haven’t made a conclusion that way. We’ll work toward a decision to whether this stuff gets put back up.”

Now maybe people can see why they go to Florida, take classroom training and live fire shooting to get a license. There is no Florida loophole, Philly government is oppressive on it's citizens rights.

August 16, 2012 at 11:37 AM 

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