Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Meanwhile, in Chester....

At 9th and Kerlin streets a white van boasting Obama/Biden placards and loud speakers is blaring "Ain't No Stoppin' Us Now." A recorded voice urges residents to get out and re-elect the president.

At my favorite Chester polling place, Mano's Gulf Station/Cocco's Pizzeria, Romoxie Bivens stood outside handing out Obama literature.

He's a member of Laborer's International Union 413, and out of work. He's 37 years old and he's been out of work for sometime. I asked him how the turnout has been.

"Good," he says. "A lot of people are concerned and want to see Obama with four more years to try to  turn this thing around. Four years wasn't enough to accomplish what he wanted to do. So it would be fair to give him one more term." After all, "the past two presidents both received two terms a piece."

And if he doesn't get a second term? Bivens shrugs.

Some people, I tell him, are suggesting that it will be because of race.

"And money," Bivens says quietly. "It will be between the two, race and money. Romney's promising a lot of tax cuts."

But race? Bivens shrugs. "Everybody has their opinion." On the racial question, his isn't that strong. In any case he doesn't believe Romney will be the answer to anyone's prayers, except rich people's.
"I heard he was born with a silver spoon in his mouth."

Down at the polling place at 3rd and Parker, poll worker G. Pete Lewis says voters in Chester's 7th District are "very enthusiastic, more this time than last time." I ask him why he thinks that is.

"Because it's a tighter election. People are very motivated. At this precinct here (the president) is way ahead." I think that's safe bet.

I asked Lewis the same question I asked Bivens: If the president loses will it be because of race. Biven says he's not going to lose. I repeat, "if."

Lewis doesn't think so.

"I think people are looking more at his record. In order to get a raise on a position you have to be productive. If you don't produce your opponent is going to attack you for your lack of production."

Sounded reasonable to me. He said the president "inherited a bad deficit, a bad situation and he tried to bring bills to the table and they (the Republicans) denied him. What good is it to give a man the right to do something but not the means to do it with? He didn't have no support from the right wing. They threw the poison in."

Actually, it was the American people who threw the poison in. In 2010, voters across the country elected a bunch of Republicans to stop the Democrats' agenda of more spending, bigger deficits, and bigger government.

Lewis maintains a healthy skepticism toward politics. He says most politicians are "parasites," and it hasn't escaped his notice that many of the congressman and senators in Washington are millionaires. He's right.

I ask him what he thinks Obama has done in the last four years to help the people of Chester.

"Infrastructure and economic development. Like the soccer stadium." But the soccer stadium was built before Obama took office. Well, he did say "like."

And what can he do in the next four?

"Bring more factories back from China."

And how can he do that?

"He's got to figure that out."

There's always hope. But so far, too little change.


Blogger emilg7831 said...

thats the typical uneducated opinion. by uneducated I mean he's backing Obama and listening to the propaganda but what happened with the first 2 years of his administration when the Democrats were in charge of both branchs of the government and he did nothing and as far as race Obamas the one running on that platform!

November 6, 2012 at 2:28 PM 

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