Thursday, April 17, 2008

No Misquote, But a Misspell

Lower Chi Solicitor Frank Sbandi wrote it to suggest I misquoted him in Sunday's column concerning the township's new gun registration law.

I didn't. But I can see how he thinks I did.

So to clarify, Frank doesn't believe the ordinance he wrote is "illegal." Though it clearly is under the state's exemption law.

Frank didn't complain about me misspelling his name. But I did. Sorry about that Frank.


Blogger Pro Christ Pro Gun said...

Frank Sbandi is mad at me for calling him on behalf of the NRA. I left several messages for him through his secretary and then left a message stating that I have a client that is the biggest pro gun group in the Country and that I needed to talk to him to avoid the certainty of a lawsuit.

When I finally did speak to him he was mad at me and told me that I did not take the right approach with him, that is a touchy feely approach. My job is to protect my clients, which in this case is the NRA. My ususal approach is to tell another lawyer who I am, who I represent, and what we are planning to do as a response to the passage of a stupid (and illegal) law.

Frank told me they aren't going to pass it. Sorry Frank, but in the future call someone who knows the law before you draft illegal ordinances.

Lastly, if Lower Chi can demand to know what kinds of guns you have as a condition of moving into their Township, what will they ask next? Will they ask if you are gay, if you have aids, or communicable disease, a criminal record, if you cheat on your spouse, etc....

C. Scott Shields, Esquire

April 18, 2008 at 4:01 PM 

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