Thursday, December 9, 2010

"Fair Game," Lame! Plame? Shame!

"Fair Game" receives another bad review when it comes to telling the truth and from someone, Judith Miller, who actually went to jail covering that story.

She concludes:
"Fair Game" suggests that Ms. Plame's outing inflicted severe damage on the CIA's sources. But this, too, may be untrue. In a letter to the Washington Post on Nov. 12, R.E. Pound, a retired CIA agent who helped assess the damage allegedly caused by the leak at one location, concluded: "There was none." He also challenged as "ludicrous" Ms. Plame's claim, echoed in the film, that her outing forced her resignation.

Mr. Pound ought to know: His own CIA affiliation was exposed in 1978 by Philip Agee in his book, "Dirty Work II." Yet he continued working at the agency for nearly 34 years. Ms. Plame famously posed in a Jaguar wearing spy gear for Vanity Fair, and later left the agency. The film portrays that decision as her reluctant acquiescence to her heroic husband's desire to "tell our side of the story."

And so they have. Having bought an expensive home in Sante Fe, Mr. Wilson and Ms. Plame now make a living giving speeches about WMD and the Bush administration's venality. Asked about the film's accuracy by the Washington Post, Mr. Wilson gave this review: "For people who have short memories or don't read, this is the only way they will remember the period." Precisely.


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