Sunday, May 27, 2012

Attention Drop Outs: All Is Not Lost

My speech to Drop Outs and Never Wents is up.

UPDATE: A reader writes in to take me to task for suggesting that Angelina Jolie may not have actually graduated from high school. (I wrote I believe that she didn't.) The reader cites a Wikipedia entry that Jolie graduated at the age of 16 from Beverly Hills High. But other bios suggest that this was a rather turbulent time in her life. Here's one.

One bio only mentions her dropping out of high school. Another suggests that she went back and graduated from a "special program" which sounds like she may have gotten her GED, or high school equivalency diploma.

In any case, the column is about the ability of many people to succeed without finishing college or getting advanced degrees.

When it comes to Angelina's high school diploma, I'll believe it when I see it. Given all her success, she's one of the people who makes my larger point.


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Fun and interesting read. Thanks

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