Tuesday, May 15, 2012

President Cheap Applause Line

The President pander? Really? Even WaPo's Dana Milbank notices.
Obama was still early in his address when he acknowledged that his praise for the young generation of women is “a cheap applause line when you’re giving a commencement at Barnard.”
But Obama was being modest. He didn’t deliver a cheap applause line. He delivered an entire speech full of them. His reelection campaign has been working for months to exploit the considerable gender gap, which puts him far ahead of likely GOP rival Mitt Romney among women. But Monday’s activities veered into pandering, as Obama brazenly flaunted his feminine mystique.
Veered? He's been doing it for months. Years. So much so that even the liberal commentariat notices. But the young ladies, apparently, loved it. Cheap applause lines and knocking down straw men are the president's specialty. If he gets reelected going this route, America will deserve four more years of his inadequacy.

UPDATE: Meanwhile, ripped from the business page: "Why Women-owned Business Don't Grow..."
Women-owned businesses represent nearly 50% of privately held companies in the U.S., however, three quarters of these businesses are not able to grow their businesses past $50,000 in annual gross revenue.
This is a challenge that Nell Merlino, the founder and CEO of Count Me In for Women's Economic Independence, would like to solve. Count me In is a not-for-profit organization providing resources and support to women-owned businesses in need of funding for growth.
Consider that 17% of women-owned business owners don't have employees -- a major influence on why they can't increase revenue, Merlino says, citing U.S. Census statistics.
Hmmm. At least Nell got some free publicity for her own not-for-profit biz.


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Count me in too, Spencerblog.

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