Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Bill Clinton: Victim of Right-Wing Media Conspiracy

Bill Clinton is calling this piece by Vanity Fair's Todd Purdum: The journalism of personal destruction.

Well, it certain isn't flattering to the former president, but I hope he hasn't been "destroyed" by it. It's more like the journalism of personal deconstruction.

As has been noticed; the Clintons used to be media darlings. Now, the media has found another darling in Barack Obama and the Clintons feel jilted.

Understandably so.


Anonymous randal said...

Poor Willies. Not much loyalty on the Left. And it’s biting them in the ass. Now, I’m not one much for blind loyalty, mind you, but the lack of loyalty and ease with which they will turn traitor displayed anymore by the American Left is appalling. Be it their turning against their own King & Queen for the benefit of their anointed Affirmative Action Candidate or against their country and President in order to seize power or against a scientist who dares say anything contrary to the prescribed Lying Lib line about Global Sky Falling. Yep, utterly despicable.
But it’s hard to have much sympathy for the Mr&Mrs Willie considering they used to be the darlings of the Lib Media and they took full advantage of the protection that gave them, just as B. Hussein Osama is enjoying now.

Funny thing… Watching FOX a couple weeks ago, on there was a Hillary strategist and he was bemoaning this turncoating abandonment of the Lib Media. And he admitted that FOX has given them the fairest shake throughout this campaign season –truly fair and balanced- from general coverage to O’Reilly’s interview with Hill. When prompted, the guy even admitted that now they (Hill & Co.) now understood the blatant bias of the Lib Media that Righties and Repubs have been complaining about for so long! I guess once one is on the receiving end of it this changes one’s sense of fairness. Think these filthy LibDems will learn a lesson from this? Nah. It’ll all be forgotten next time they need the Lying Lib Media to advance their agenda or unfairly bash a Repub.

Any longer there is zero journalistic integrity in the Lib Media. ZERO. They are ALL about propaganda and agenda driving. Thanks to activist Lib abuses the Media has become little more than the (mis)Information Arm of the Liberal Party. Such blatant bias and dishonesty is certainly not what our Founding Daddies had in mind when they granted unfettered freedom to the Press. But that’s a rant for another time.

June 3, 2008 at 2:15 PM 

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