Monday, November 3, 2008

Finkle on Fickle Voters

David Finklestein writes about the "spiral of silence" that shocked pollsters in 1992 in England.

Could it happen in America in 2008? Let's hope not.


Anonymous randal said...

I found the comments like this interesting:

I know of people who are literally afraid to say they are voting for McCain. The rhetoric that equates a vote for McCain with racism has been the undercurrent in the mainstream media for months now. Is it any wonder that people choose silence? I voted for McCain because I cannot afford socialism.
Ellen K, Carrollton, TX, USA

Tough to spin such honesty, eh DDD.

The very best thing to come out of this “historic” election has been the exposing of the Lying Liberal Media abuses along with other things like talking about the Bradley Effect. Sure, despicable Libs have tried to use the BE to scold whites into voting for Obama, but the fact that it’s getting broad discussion is great in itself.
By its basic premis whites have been so bullied by racial Political Correctness as to no longer even tell polsters the truth for fear of being labeled a “racist”. There’s something mighty wrong when the Liberal racial scolding and bullying have gotten this carried away. And people are sick of it.

It's always good to shine a bright light on Liberalism and expose its ugliness. To a guy like me who has been railing for years against this disgusting form of racial leveraging Liberalism and the Racial Double Standard -things that have receive sparce mention in the Lib Media until now- this election has been great! Almost worth four years of the Affirmative Action Candidate staying in the White House. Almost.

November 3, 2008 at 9:17 PM 

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