Friday, July 2, 2010

Why More and More People Hate Tiger Woods and his Foundation Cult

So Wednesday, after the Pro-Am Tiger Woods was walking through the Aronimink clubhouse with a phalanx of his security people.

A member asked him where he was headed. To the practice putting green, he said. Whereupon, another longtime club member notified him he was going the wrong way.

"You want to go back that way and turn there," the member said.

At that point one of Tiger's flunkies approached the man, pointed his finger in his chest and said, "Don't you EVER tell him where to go. That's MY job."

"Can you imagine that?" the member said, still amazed at how unbelieveably rude the flunky had been.

"I was just trying to help the guy." And it wasn't as if Tiger wasn't right there hearing the whole thing. He not only tolerated how his employee had acted but tacitly approved it.

"F--- him," said the member over a beer on the clubhouse porch later.

So, it goes. Another good guy turned into a Tiger detractor.

Nice job, boyz.


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