Sunday, March 20, 2011

No Regrets in Havertown

In my print column, Haverford Commissioner Larry "The Taker" Holmes does his Edith Piaf impression over the township's $5 million Swell bubble gum debacle.

It's better in French.

Be strong, Larry, be strong.

UPDATE: See Pat Biswanger's comment about the stuff I left out. But my favorite is Newtownsquarepa's.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Havrtown is not unlike most towns who have run amuck with unyielding power and a bank account to do continued harm to it's residence. We allow this to happen. We give these idiots control. We are responsible for these bills WE have to pay. On one hand i am happy the family got justice and will get the money they deserve. When people wanted the property they were told it was contaminated and they would be required to clean the whole site if they broke the envelope of the existing ground. Amazing hoe things change when the politicans want something. We are on the hook for the new center being built and what are the chances that it will come in anywhere even close to the estimated price????? the answer is 0. We are in a economic crisis and need to stop spending. The senior citizens who built this town are being run out of town with taxes. Instesd of raiseing school taxes charge all athletes fees and or give tax credits for people who send there kids to private schools. The seniors are getting crushed and it is not fair.The schools are terrible as well. And Larry you suck.

March 21, 2011 at 10:58 AM 

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