Friday, July 2, 2010

Members Support the Event Big Time

Most fancy private club memberships can be counted on to be somewhat divided about hosting PGA Tour events. The downside is you lose the use of your club for a couple of weeks. And that's certainly been the case here at Aronimink, especially with Tiger on the premises. (See below.)

And yet, Pro-Am committee member and Newtown Square supervisor George Wood, tells me that when the subject of whether to host this event came to the bond holders for a vote, it was resoundingly approved - 300 and something to just single vote against.

But former U.S. Attorney Bob Curran, who was chairman of the Pro-Am committee, says the vote would be closer next time. The club is already signed up to host the event next year. Whether the Tiger Woods Foundation will get the same number of volunteers as they did this year will depend on how well they are treated by the event organizers.

It isn't exactly glamorous work standing around all day, lifting up and letting down ropes to fairway crosswalks. Holding up your arms to hush a crowd while Nick Watney putts can get old pretty fast.

Being properly thanked and appreciated goes a long way in keeping the volunteer ranks filled at one of these things. So far, so good. (Except for the way to the practice putting green fiasco noted below.)

UPDATE: Here's one member who's a happy volunteer...


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